Embrace Highland culture through music, song and stories, whilst discovering the A9's hidden gems

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Don’t just visit, belong to the Scottish Highlands

We warmly invite you to download our Android Beta app for free. We are convinced that you will enjoy the experience and we would be very grateful for your thoughts and feelings, given either in the feedback section of this website or in the app itself.

Beta app features

The app helps you have the most memorable Highland trip ever with its empowering features. The Highland Discovery app is to be used whilst you drive on the A9.

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Works Perfectly Offline

All content can be downloaded, perfect for the A9 area where mobile data coverage is limited and hard to find

Points of

Discover hidden gems, scenic views, natural wonders, historic buildings or just the closest parking!

Detailed maps

Easily see what's near to your current position, allowing you to confidently go off the beaten track

Authentic audio

Immerse yourself in Highland culture through the tales passed down the generations and embrace the music of the land

Stop driving.
Start experiencing.

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