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Unleashing the Power of Cycling and Walking Routes

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Unique feature to promote local businesses and boost their revenues

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Improve visit planning and in-location experience for visitors


New form of rich content with SEO benefits


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Three cyclists in the woods

The Challenge

It became clear during a destination’s visitor research sessions that a lack of knowledge was leading to many visitors lacking the confidence to embark on cycles and walks.

The destination manager wanted all visitors to have the requisite knowledge and confidence to make walks and bike rides part of their destination experience.

By improving this local knowledge of the area, management hoped to give more visitors the opportunity to experience the incredible sights, ancient woodlands and beautiful coastline that is only possible by going on walks & bike rides.

Solving it Together

Working with the destination manager and members of local walking and cycling communities, a new benchmark of digitally displaying walking and cycling routes in 2D and 3D maps was reached.

We imported and enriched over 350 existing route lines and built over 50 bespoke routes using our intuitive My Whereverly Route Builder. The imported and bespoke routes give visitors unparalleled information.

The route feature includes:
  • User friendly interface helping visitors to make informed decisions
  • Difficulty ratings calculated by using a customisable algorithm
  • Graphs showing the steepness of the route
  • Visualisations which display the contours and summits
  • A route surface dashboard showing what will be underfoot
  • Points of interest along the route, including food and drink, and accommodation giving practical information to visitors while also driving revenue for Local businesses
  • Convenient and downloadable GPX files

The Outcome

The destination manager has successfully brought walking and cycling routes into their destination experience. This confident display of leadership has been awarded with significant SEO benefits and a substantial increase in organic traffic from route content.

Thousands of visitors are now having more memorable visitor experiences by making walking and cycling routes part of their visit, while the route feature has also helped the destination grow and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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