Embrace Highland culture through music, song and stories, whilst discovering the A9's hidden gems

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Stories and music

Don’t just visit, belong to the Scottish Highlands with music, songs and stories from local artists and musicians.


From haunted Highland Tales like The Witch of Monet (Jess Smith) and Stories of the Fairies (Bob Pegg) to favourite family fables like The Selkie (Ruth Kirkpatrick) and Wee Red Squirrel (David Campbell) we’ve got over 60 stories that connect you to the surrounding area.

Listen to Witch of Monet by Jess Smith


Enhance your travel experience with music and songs from some of Scotland’s leading musicians and bands. From dynamic, upbeat Ceilidh tunes to soothing, atmospheric Celtic melodies, we’ve got music to make your journey through the Scottish Highlands memorable.

Listen to Loch Lomond by Pitlochry Primary School Choir

Our storytellers

Paraig MacNeil

Where east meets west, a Gael on his father’s side, a Fifer on his mother’s side, born in Stirling in 1955, but raised, in Perthshire’s Strathallan, spinner o’ yarns and weaver o’ words, Paraig MacNeil is Scotland rolled into one.

Jess Smith

Jess is happy telling any kind of story, especially if she can get inside its character. However, her true gift lies in the rich kist of Traveller tales she has gathered since she was a child. If she likes a story and can live the part of its characters then she will enjoy the telling of it.

Ruth Kirkpatrick

Ruth likes to tell all kinds of stories, Scottish and international, to all kinds of audiences, young and old. Over the years she has developed a magpie like quality for finding a ‘gem’ of a story for any setting.

David Campbell

David Campbell's repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and Scotland, through stories of adventure and romance, of faith and love, to humorous anecdotes and quirky comic tales.

Bob Pegg

Bob Pegg’s storytelling is interwoven with music and song, and his stories come from the Highlands – selkies, last wolves, fairy people – and from across the northern climes.

Driving routes

Our carefully curated driving routes show you what to see and do, helping you uncover the unmissable, hidden gems of the Highlands. Here are a few sample routes from the app:

Wild & Free

Be amazed by the wonders of nature. Find the world’s tallest and longest hedge and one of the oldest trees in Europe.

Scenic Views

Discover some of the area’s most wonderful views, like Sma Glen, Ben Vrackie and the Birks of Aberfeldy.

Film & TV Shows

Find filming locations for favourites like Outlander, Monarch of the Glen and the Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

What users are saying

Fabulous idea having stories about the area. The audio was very clear and lovely for a long trip.

Really useful app for any people who want a handy way to explore the country.

The app works offline which is what travelling the Scottish Highlands has always needed. Well done.

The songs made me want to come back.

We new friends!