Discover the best of urban and rural Stirlingshire and immerse yourself in local culture through music, song, narrative and stories.

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Stories, music and narrative

Don’t just visit, belong to Stirling with music, songs, stories and narrative from local artists, musicians and experts.


From stories about Stirling, like The King of Kippen (Paraig MacNeil) to Clan Tales like The Nine of Diamonds (Jess Smith) we’ve got over 40 stories that connect you to the surrounding area.

Listen to The King of Kippen by Paraig MacNeil

Music and songs

Enhance your travel experience with music and song. From songs about Stirling to tracks from local orchestra Big Noise Raploch, we’ve got music to make your journey through Stirling memorable.

Listen to A Scottish Celebration by Big Noise Raploch Symphony Orchestra


Use audio routes narrated by local experts to guide you around urban and rural Stirling and understand the stories behind the sights you see.

Listen to Suzanne Burgess, one of the three narrators of the Urban Nature walking route.

Our voices

Paraig MacNeil

Where east meets west, a Gael on his father’s side, a Fifer on his mother’s side, born in Stirling in 1955, but raised, in Perthshire’s Strathallan, spinner o’ yarns and weaver o’ words, Paraig MacNeil is Scotland rolled into one.

Jess Smith

Jess is happy telling any kind of story, especially if she can get inside its character. However, her true gift lies in the rich kist of Traveller tales she has gathered since she was a child. If she likes a story and can live the part of its characters then she will enjoy the telling of it.

Ruth Kirkpatrick

Ruth likes to tell all kinds of stories, Scottish and international, to all kinds of audiences, young and old. Over the years she has developed a magpie like quality for finding a ‘gem’ of a story for any setting.

David Campbell

David Campbell's repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and Scotland, through stories of adventure and romance, of faith and love, to humorous anecdotes and quirky comic tales.

Bob Pegg

Bob Pegg’s storytelling is interwoven with music and song, and his stories come from the Highlands – selkies, last wolves, fairy people – and from across the northern climes.

Dr Murray Cook

Dr Murray Cook, is very proud to be Stirling Council's Archaeologist, he lives in the city and a long suffering wife, three fractious daughters, two cats, the occasional foster baby and is very keen to connect people to their past! He maintains a Facebook page full of juicy details about Stirling's amazing past!

Guy Harewood

Guy is a Biodiversity officer with Stirling Council. He has worked to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the Stirling area for the last 8 years and really enjoys introducing people to the wildlife that surrounds them.

Dr David Mitchell

He has a long held interest in the history of Scottish ironwork and it's conservation and has been involved in a number of conservation projects including Perth Waterworks and the Kibble Palace. He is responsible for Scotland’s Conservation Centre, the Engine Shed, opened in 2017.

Dr Moses Jenkins

Dr Moses Jenkins has worked for Historic Environment Scotland for 12 years where he is Senior Technical Officer. He is a “son of the rock” being born in Stirling and living in the area all his life.

Suzanne Burgess

Suzanne is manager of Buglife Scotland and works on a wide number of conservation projects, from creating and managing wildflower rich grasslands to promoting the importance of green roofs. Suzanne has always been passionate about wildlife and has a wide ranging knowledge of bugs, wildflowers and birds.

Claire Bird

Claire is a Ranger with Stirling Council. She’s always loved the outdoors, ever since being taken camping at 18 months old! She has grown her interest in nature, trees and plants to include foraging and loves nothing better than a natural salad or some free fruit to refuel on a wildlife wander.

David Sibbald

David Sibbald is a leading Burns orator and has spoken in both hemispheres and on both sides of the Atlantic. He is a past president of a number of Burns Clubs and Associations. He has appeared on Radio and Television and has had a book and pamphlets published and contributed articles on Robert Burns to various publications. He has recorded eight CDs of Burns Poems. These and information on Robert Burns can be found on his website.

Walking, cycling and driving routes

However you like to travel, our carefully curated routes show you what to see and do, helping you uncover the unmissable, hidden gems of Stirling. Audio routes, narrated by local experts, bring Stirling to life. Here are a few sample routes from the app:

Wallace Monument

This audio walking route is narrated by Stirling Archaeologist Dr. Murray Cook and guides you from Stirling Railway station to the Wallace Monument, taking in key historic sites along the way.

Loch Katrine

A cycling route on virtually traffic free roads with lovely views of the loch and Ben Venue, with a return trip on a steamboat!

South West Route

A driving route that takes you through ancient forests and picturesque villages like Kippen and Fintry.

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